The Role of Communication in IPOs

This report prepared by LLORENTE & CUENCA includes the views of journalists, bankers, analysts, managers and PR professionals around communications of IPOs in the Spanish market between 2007 and 2009.

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About the report

The report analyses the IPOs carried out in the Spanish market in the period: 2007-2009. The report takes off, the last important year for operations of this type, as its starting point, and identifies success factors and elements common to the speech and communication practices of the companies involved.

LLORENTE & CUENCA has ininterviewed around twenty professionals including journalists, bankers, analysts and managers. In addition, it has carried out an in-depth analysis of over 500 news items published in the main financial dailies (Expansión, Cinco Días, El Economista), and in some of the most important digital media (El Confidencial, Invertia, Bolsacinco,